New Arrivals Require Redecorating….


Before I knew Joey was coming to stay permanently, Simba came with a wonderful cage…far better than any cage I have ever had. Even still, I had been toying with the idea of making a “bird room” out of a section of the living room that used to be a large closet but had been opened up to add more space to the living room.

Now I could perfectly picture building a frame and enclosing it as a parrot room – what a great room it would be for a fun loving parrot. It even has a window which in the summer can be opened for direct access to the aviary! Then along came Simba, so I did it 🙂 Then I had the extra nice extra cage and discovered that Joey was here to stay, so that became his new permanent home. Isn’t it awesome how things just seam to work out sometimes… I can’t wait ’til summer!!!

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