More Aviary Modifications


So it’s going to be really warm here today and I was excited to let Dayo out in the aviary. She was excited to go out and flew right out there. Within minutes I heard her screeching in terror and I looked out the window to see her flying about in a frenzy so I ran out in time to see a coopers hawk flying off and Dayo still screeching clinging to the side of the Aviary. I went right to her and “saved” her. Even though she was in no real danger because the coopers Hawk could not get in the aviary, Dayo does not know this so she was terrified and in a state of terror apparently does not see the “hide” as safe refuge, nor does she think to fly back in the house as the window was open. So it seams the next priority aviary update is to put up a “roof” which is not see through on at least half of it to give the birds plenty of cover. Not only so they can not see hawks flying high up in the sky but so the hawks can not see them. I thought Coopers Hawks only went after little birds, but I guess not!

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