Joey and Simba in the Aviary… together :)


So today was day one for Joey and Simba together in the Aviary. It went very well. Joey came within eyeshot of Simba’s window which enticed Simba out… he’s a bit of a chicken. Then there was a face off and to my great delight Joey backed off. I stood about 10 feet away observing for safety purposes. I was so very happy to see Joey and Simba sharing the same space peacefully. So peacefully that Simba began to ignore Joey which is when Joey “the tail biter” made his move. When Simba’s back was turned Joey latched onto Simba’s tail feathers and did not let go. Not unlike a snapping turtle.

Suprisingly Simba did not react at all. In fact when he turned around quite leisurely Joey fell off the Vine and there he was hanging from Simba’s tail feathers still not letting go. Simbe did not even seam to notice. I had to take a hold of Joey and tell him “No!” and pry him off. Then I put him back inside. I wonder why Simba did not react? He was watching a turkey vulture in the sky. Perhapse that was the more pressing matter to him. I still wonder how this will all work out.

Our second attempt was much more successful…  I put them back out together and this time they approached each other slowly and then started preening each other. It was amazing. Now they are officially buddies (Can I say that?). Joey made a few more tail grabs but Simba didn’t seem to mind. The one time Simba had to turn around and face Joey to get him off his tail Joey let go right away. It’s going to be a great summer 🙂


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