How to have a happy parrot…


  • A Big Home
    I need room to move about, exercise and stretch my wings. Plus more room to keep my toys, branches, food and water. Please get me the BIGGEST cage possible.

  • Air Space
    If my cage is really big, I may be able to fly from one end to the other. This is good, but a flight around a safe room (windows covered, no cats!) will be better. Many pet owners ask their vets to clip our wing feathers if we’re not in a safe environment for flying.

  • The Right Diet
    Variety, that’s what I need. Not just seeds or pellets, but fruit and veggies too. Ask your vet or pet store for advice on diets and supplements.

  • Branches to Chew
    In the wild I’d be chewing all the time, so please give me fresh bird-safe branches once or twice a week. Apple, willow, sycamore – yummy!

  • Toys
    If I were a wild bird I’d be forever active in the forest. I’m intelligent, inquisitive and just plain nosy. So please give me interesting toys to keep my brain, claws and beak busy.

  • Water
    I need lots of water to keep my feathers in good condition. In the rain forest I’d bathe in the treetops, but you can give me a lovely shower with warm water twice a week.

  • Company – Human or Bird
    Every parrot needs a friend. If I haven’t got a parrot pal, a human being will be OK, but I MUST have a lot of attention. Talk to me, feed me sensible tid-bits, play with me. I’m like a bright child who never grows up!

  • An Aviary… the ultimate luxury
    If you can manage it, an indoor or sheltered outdoor aviary would give me a superior quality of life. Plenty of space – sheer bliss!

  • My Own Doctor
    Remember, I am a wild animal, and have special medical needs. Find me a veterinarian who’s an expert in keeping parrots happy and healthy. An annual ‘well-bird exam’ is a good idea.

Other ways you can help save the Parrots of the World

  • LEARN all you can about these fabulous birds. There are many good books and magazines, including PsittaScene Magazine which comes with membership of the World Parrot Trust.

  • ACCEPT a small share of responsibility for all parrots, even if you own only one.

  • NEVER buy a wild caught parrot. For every one that reaches a store, at least one more will have died along the way. Aviary bred, parent-reared parrots make much better, friendlier pets, and try to find a bird to adopt before purchasing one.

  • TAKE an interest in saving the habitats of the parrots, and other plants and animals that live in them. (We humans need the rain forests too!)

  • JOIN a local club, meet other bird people, read all you can. Become a knowledgeable pet parrot owner.

  • SEND a donation to the World Parrot Trust. Or better still, join up!

Please remember that a parrot is an intelligent, sensitive, demanding, wonderful and beautiful creature. It is also a BIG responsibility! A companion parrot is for life, and may live up to fifty years.