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I live with the magnificent princess Dayo, a 6 year old CAG (Congo African Grey), Joey, a very old, sweet U2 (Umbrella Cockatoo), Terry, a 20 year old RB2 (Rose Breasted Cockatoo) who is working on becoming less phobic, and Simba, a 20 something M2 (Moluccan Cockatoo) who is full of energy and never fails to entertain all day long but can also be quite loud. I live alone and they are my constant companions. Dayo even sleeps next to my bed 🙂 She is never caged.


I was blissfully ignorant when I purchased Dayo from a local pet store. Since then, thanks to Dayo, I have learned about the plight of parrots and it has become one of my life goals to do all I can to alleviate the suffering of parrots weather through donating to World Parrot Trust to help them do their important Conservation work, Volunteering in rescues when possible or spreading the word about the plight of parrots so no one goes into a pet store unaware of what they are contributing to and the other options that are available to them where they can actually contribute to the solution instead of being part of the problem.

Dayo has taught me a LOT about the intelligence level of these magnificent birds to the point where I am somewhat ashamed to keep her captive in my home. She should be flying free somewhere in Africa with a flock of her kind. The best I can do for her now is to give her the best life possible. To me that means never clipping her wings, giving her free flight of the house and a large aviary, always respecting her boundaries (I am not the boss of her) and mostly not trying to make her fit into my projections of what she should be but rather to enjoy her as she is. That goes for all of them actually, the rest have all been rescues so my goal is to give them all the best life possible. My life is dedicated to them.

I know there are a lot of differing opinions on wing clipping and I am happy to discuss the pros and cons but sometimes people can be over zealous in their opinions and facts that don’t support their view fall on deaf ears. I am always willing to listen and learn but unless what you say rings true for me, I’m not likely to jump on your bandwagon… don’t take it personal. For those interested In the topic, I would suggest you listen to what an expert has to say: Listen Here